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Lazy Load : Optimisation

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Hi there. 

Today I try to make my website more faster. 

I have tried the plugin BJ Lazy Load , and it works well with the PageLines frameworks content panels .... (I can know put as many images I want !)

But it has absolutely no any effect on other Pagelines plugins  (I wish I could have use it with all other plugins). 

I am not technician at all, (don't know how it really works inside the code line): do you think it would be possible to "force" BJ Lazy Load to work on PagesLines Plugin ? Or am I just a dreamer ? 

(I guess I am, otherwise everyone would probably do that to  win some time loading page).


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Well , I have try something, with no success . 

I have try to put some PL Section inside the Pagelines Frameworks content section. I was hopping that BJ Lazy Load will be abble to Lazy Load those section (So if I managed to put all the page inside the PL Frameworks content section , it would load faster) => NO ! 
BJ Lazy load manage to lazy load image added via wordpress Edit Page aera, but can not Lazy Load any  PL section ! Even a PL Image section  can not be Lazy Load...

(As far as I know)

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