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Some font awesome not display on site move

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Hi there,

I recently developed a site on my development URL here at www.josephjude.com which everything works fine on.

 I moved the site to  www.flightmarketing.ca ( The clients URL) with Duplicator for WP


Which basically takes a clone of the database and the complete WordPress install and installs it on another URL.

Everything thing is working fine with PL 5 and extensions

I'm having 1 small problem getting some of the font awesome icons to display.

The funny things is some display some don't even on the same page.

Here's some screenshots from the same page with font awesome displaying and not displaying:



This is the page the screencasts are from:


The code shows in the developer tools as being on the page and the font color is black.

Any help would be appreciated...



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you are using fa mixin.

Use pl-icon to use font awesome with pl5, unless you are using the actual font awesome via another plugin

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I just had a similar issue and found out it was because my Site URL and my WordPress URL were different.  The CORS Policy in Chrome, Foxfire, and IE will not allow the Font Awesome fonts to be called up from a different URL.  I had to modify my .htaccess file with to tell it to work.  You can find out how to do that here:     http://maxcdn4support.wpengine.com/tutorial/how-to-use-cdn-with-webfonts/

hope this helps

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