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Is it just me but I find it strange that the widget section will only display two columns of widgets side by side on the iPad? I tried changing everything to get 4 columns to display and I can't. On a computer even if the browser window is smaller the 1024px (and if I have an iOS user agent set up to test it) it always displays fine. But on an iPad I always get 2 columns.

I had to divide my widget into 4 different widgets and places 4 widget sections side by side in a container each linked to one of the widgets to make this work.

Is there a work around, maybe media query that I should apply to correct that? Shouldn't there be like in other sections a control for the number of columns for different media query?

You can see it in the footer there: http://journalletour.com/ (I finally decided to go with 3 columns of widgets)


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