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I’m working on an OLD DMS v1 site. The client is not open to a full redesign. She has me making a slew of changes on the old site. I’ve added two new pages and for the life of me I cannot make the page content display in the loop. I’ve tried changing templates, I’ve tried copying templates…NOTHING is working.

This could be my aged brain not recalling something simple or it could be anything at all. If you have any suggestions to try and/or any bandwidth to help (after hours), the client can pay. I’m pulling my hair out on this. Dev site is: http://cmc.hoffmangraphics.com/

The two pages that I can’t make display are:

This is so odd. n order to troubleshoot, I created another new page and pasted in the content from one of the two misbehaving pages. Called it "testing" and it worked as expected. Then I thought, OK. I'll remove the original and empty trash and then rename "testing" to the desired name. Same result. A page that worked stopped working. There's no external cache and I've used the built in DMS "clear cache" and that does not seem to help. What am I missing here? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sheila Hoffman | Hoffman Graphics | Seattle

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