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Section idea

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Here is any idea for a feature  section or splash. 

Clients these days seem to like a large hero image with a transparent menu on top. But it can be a pain trying to get the margins right on both desktop and mobile.

Since you can already call a section with in a template I thought why not call it in another section so I did just that with the meganav menu. The result work pretty good I was able to position my menu at the top of my hero section and all the option still worked even the sticky.

I think it would be an awesome addition if you could select from the other menus like navpro or splash nav in  a drop down if you have them installed.

I did run into some issues with overlapping section tabs but corrected it with some css.



Screenshot 2016-09-25 23.16.48.png


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Like a nested section? this is already supported, checkout the splashup section.

I think the lax section is also nested.

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The splash up is a great section but the menu lacks functionality. The section it  self is great and does give you the transparent menu over a hero.

Here are the flaws that I see:

  1. You cannot adjust the height in the options ( not a problem for someone who can inspect and adjust it but what about the other users) 
  2. The menu is basic (no submenus allowed) 

There are 2 other menus that would be great in that section meganav or navpro. So my suggestion was to have an option to choose from them if you have them installed. 

Of course that would screw up the options because the splash nav is built into splash up.

I know I could just mash them together but that just helps me and not the other users who would want to have a mega menu over an hero.

Just something I was thinking about because i use mega nav the most and having to position it over another section was getting boring so I was looking for an easier less time consuming way.  


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