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Page Editor & Hover Over Hyperlinks in Loops Not Working

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I have two issues on my site.

  1. The Pagelines editor does not load. See screenshot attached of what I get attached. Also when you click on any page, a facsimile of this screenshot loads before the actual page does.
  2. All the posts on these two pages stopped working in the Loops section. When you hover over, the image and headline for each post does not link. I wrote in on the support forum and was told to deactivate every plugin. I did do this (except the Pagelines plugins) and that did not work. I was also told it could be a css issue but that is over my head to dissect. I tried other things - tweaking Total Cache, and googling the issue over and over. Please advise. Here are the two pages:

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Page editor not workng.JPG

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Hi @Susan,

You seem to have alot of issues on that site and I am not entirely sure what is the root of them all.

For starters it may seem that the loop links are not working but they actually do work the problem is that static content area is sitting on top of it so when you do a mouse over it appears that they are not working.

Also you have alot of broken styles and random characters. 

Screenshot 2016-10-09 10.24.28.png


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