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Sidewalk: How to stop resizing (width)?

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I'm trying to stop the resizing of a vertical menu in a Sidewalk widget. I've checked the CSS using Firebug, but I think it's a JS thing.  

Does anyone know how to stop the widget from resizing (width) when scrolling?


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Can you provide a link to inspect the issue.


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    • primetime
      By primetime+
      Where are the instructions to use Sidewalk? When I use the section it doesn't give me the option to make changes to it. All is does is list my categories and archives.
    • webmktco
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      First time using SideWalk and I'm having issues when scrolling down the page. It seems that if there's a new canvas section, the SideWalk loses it's z-index.
      Is there a limitation w/ this section?
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      Great new section. Was testing it locally and noticed an slight issue. If there's any sections that you add in a new canvas below the canvas that SideWalk is in, SideWalk goes over it instead of stopping. Example: inside a canvas area you place 2 Columns, then add WP Content in one column, SideWalk in the other. Now add a second canvas area, place it below, and then place any section (iBox, RevSlider, etc.) in it. Make sure you have enough placeholder text in the content area, then view results in browser.
      What needs to be done to make it stop when a new canvas area is added? Essentially, making it stop as it does when it reaches the footer.