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Socialinks Disable Menu Option Not Showing

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In the description of Socialinks for Platform 5 on the Pagelines website, it says that there is an option to Disable Menu - https://www.pagelines.com/product/pl-section-socialinks/. I would like to be able to just have the social links in this section and avoid using a menu at all; however, I can't find the option to disable the menu. I assumed it would be in the Configuration section in the Editor but it just has a dropdown to chose a menu and even if one isn't selected it, inserts the main menu. I have also looked in the Pagelines settings and found nothing. I must just be overlooking it somehow and was hoping somebody can point me in the right direction!


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Hi @abeedle,

A couple updates ago if you didnt have a menu selected it did not show one. 

But now all section will auto choose the default menu. So my work around this issue is to make a menu with no items and just select it from the drop down.

Hope this helps.


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Keith Vaugh

One of the more fustrating things about PL5 is I am finding that I need to add lots of extra CSS to achieve simple things. This will hide the menu in the socialinks

.socialinks-content .sl-nav {
  display: none;


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