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    • John Olsson
      By John Olsson+
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    • Samuel Costa - UDF
      By Samuel Costa - UDF+
      I need a shortcode activate a popup windows with contact form. It is possible without code?
      Link: https://www.udf.org.br/lancamentos/curso-mulher-que-prospera/
    • flourishdesignstudio
      By flourishdesignstudio+
      I am having a problem with shortcode not working properly with the PL5 theme. I have been trying to insert shortcode for a specific plugin (Map List Pro) and it has worked when I am using DMS but not with PL5. When I insert the shortcode into the page content then none of the content (text, images, or map) will load on that page. Thinking that maybe a widget or straight HTML code would work better made me try inserting the shortcode into a widget (didn't work) as well as an embed section within PL5. The embed section worked in that I can look at the code and see that the map is there but nothing is actually displaying on the page.
      I am also unable to edit the embed code section (added through PL shortcode into the content of the page) once I have put in the Map List Pro shortcode. Any thought as to a workaround or if the codes are somehow interfering with one another? You can see the page (and gap where the map is supposed to be loading) here: http://new.fingerlakesdistilling.com/where-to-buy
      Thanks so much for any insight you are able to provide!