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BIG ???????????‘??! from RUSSIA.

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Hi! Writing to you from St. Petersburg, Russia! I bought Platform past week and want to say: totally GREAT! =) It's SO simply, so cleanly, so quickly ??” just AMAZING! =) Among all of those SaaS solutions in our market, your PlatformPro ??” #1 for non-developer customers. Now, I testing all your features, and just amazed, how many them! All what I need, I found in your Platfrom! )) Ooohh, goodbye, my sleepless hight with tones of code! Now I do it all for a few clicks! Works great! PS So, Russian web-search-sites and about-web's blogs still don't know about your framework, and it's really miracle that I found your site. How that: get an another new theme fro WP, click here, click there, and BOOM! Teleported to your site. =) And one more thing, that I liked too: very simple process to buy and memberships. Great. PPS Sorry for my english, but I hope I put it clear ;) BR, team!

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