Hey folks - this is my first foray in Platform 5. Right now my focus is on the "Agency" plugin, where I want to do a few things with the Portfolio section. The default behavior is for each item to self-refer and link to the 'image' element in 'plag_portfolio_array' 'default' => array( array( 'image' => $this->base_url . '/images/project-1.jpg', 'title' => 'Project 1', 'text' => 'Get the Album.', ) That same link is inserted *somewhere* as the href that pops up the full-size version of the image via the respective element's onclick. (see attached screenshot) I'm looking to do the following: add a field to the Portfolio Item UI in the editor to hold a new href URL (ostensibly, a link to a page or post on my site), and find the correct syntax to pass that value back as a value in the "Portfolio Items" array such that isotope *knows* it as an href.  I'm missing two pieces (at least so far): whether there is a default array element description that will serve this purpose (basically an override), or  if there's some form of declaration that needs to be made in order for the element to be mapped/recognized/passed on to isotope It *seems* like there's some default behavior "behind the scenes" that I'm not aware of, and I'm hoping that to override this behavior will be relatively straightforward. I have spent some time looking at the docs/demos for isotop, aside from spelunking through the Agency plugin code. Although there are some examples of hard-coding URLs to items in the list, I still haven't quite connected the dots yet. Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!