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Home page template section addition or deletion result in dropped sections

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I'm running DMS2 v2.2 with WordPress 4.5.3 on http://www.kayutruckdecking.com/

  • I can't delete sections or add new sections to my client's home page template and publish changes without PageLines dropping my entire middle column of sections (main home page content).
  • I end up with my just the header and footer for the home page and everything else in my middle sections disappears.
  • This site is now restored to its previous working state via a web hosting backup.
  • Any attempt to add/delete home page sections and pub changes results in the same problem.

Sequence of events that led up to this:

  • Earlier today my client tried to remove a small callout section on their home page template.
  • Client reported that they deleted the callout section, then noticed that all of their other sections in their main center column had also disappeared.
  • Client stopped work, did NOT publish the changes, and contacted me.
  • I reviewed the live home page and it was correct.
  • I then opened the PageLines editor.
  • I reviewed the home page template and saw the entire middle area of their home page missing as the client had reported.
  • I used the option to Undo All Unpublished Changes 
  • The undo appeared to work, all of the middle content sections appeared correctly again. 
  • I closed PageLines editor.
  • With the PageLines editor now off, the live home page now displayed the broken version of their home page with the missing content.
  • I restored a previous backup of the site from last week.
  • Backup was restored successfully and home page was normal again.
  • As a test, I added a new text box section to the home page.
  • New text box appeared normal, as did all of the other home page content/sections so I published the change.
  • I turned off the PageLines editor
  • The live site went back to the broken home page with all the missing middle content.
  • I restored the site AGAIN from the hosting backup.
  • Live site was back to normal.
  • I deleted the callout section the client had tried to delete earlier, and published the change.
  • Turned off PageLines editor
  • Resulting live home page AGAIN went back to version with no middle column content.
  • Restored site from hosting backup for third time. 
  • Stopped work (this is where we are now).

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Hi, I haven't found any solution to this problem yet. I've tried two more tests today where I deactivated ALL plugins and the exact same thing happens. 

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