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Php Execution (Nextbox for Platform 5)

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In the past I would use nextbox for this task. However, Platform 5 does not have nextbox. I will do my best to describe what I am trying to do.

I am creating a template for coaches, each product has its own link but they all share a common coach id. I want to set up the templates with the links for each product with a variable for the coach id so that I can change the coach id for all the links on the site by just changing the value of the variable $coachId. To do this I'll need to do something like the following...

<a href="salesite.com/productcodes/referringRepId=<?= $coachId ?>" target="_blank">Product Purchase Link</a>

Is it possible to do this with Platform 5?

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Hi Simon,

Thank you for getting back to me. I did play with the pagelines shortcodes but of course they aren't set up to do what I am trying to since its probably not a really common need. To be honest I have never messed with shortcodes much other than pre-made ones and that is me being lazy and refusing to step outside my comfort zone. I am looking into the article you referenced to learn how to create them. 

Thank You! 


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So, a little research and experimenting and I found that a custom shortcode is exactly what I needed for what I want to do. Thank you very much for the article. The following is what I used to make this work and now all I will have to do is change the id and its ready to go for a new coach :) 

Shortcode Function 

//Create function for shortcode to create global Referring Coach Id links.
add_shortcode ('coachId', function($atts) {
	$atts = shortcode_atts(
			'src' => '',
			'target' => '_blank',
			'class' => '',
			'cta' => 'Order Now'
 		), $atts);
	return '
	<a href="' . $atts['src'] . 'referringRepId=212594" target="' . $atts['target'] . '" class="' . $atts['class'] . '">' . $atts['cta'] . '</a>

Shortcode in Wordpress Content

[coachId src="https://salesite.com/signup/" cta="Become a Coach"]


Hope this helps someone out! I'm off to see what else I can learn!

Thanks Again Simon!!

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I told you it was easy ;)

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Hey guys

Really appreciate this thread and article. Will be experimenting with it.

However, does this set up an issue with Wordpress core software updates? For themes, it's recommended to create a child theme for this very reason. Does the wp-includes/shortcodes.php. get wiped out with WOrdpress updates? How to handle this. Seems sort of cludging to have to go in and reinstall code after updates?



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Hi , your child theme should have a functions.php file and everything should be ok.

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