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Justin Taylor

Adding anchor text to social links section

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Justin Taylor

Has anyone managed to edit their sociallinks section so that you can add anchor text to the links and alt text to the icon images?

If so, how? I don't mind hacking the code.

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    • tforasiepi
      By tforasiepi+
      Has anyone been able to get the Social Media icons to show up in Impulse or SocialLinks sections?  I read the Reference and gave it a try.
      Enter Icon/url pairs. Format each entry on a new line, in the format:
      facebook http://www.facebook.com/pagelines
      twitter http://www.twitter.com/pagelines
      Icons are displayed to the right of the section."
      I've tried replacing "facebook" with a link to an icon.  I've replaced the pagelines Facebook link with mine.  But neither shows an icon or link.  I've also tried putting them in brackets.  I must have the format wrong.
      Can you help?
    • davidcosgrove
      By davidcosgrove
      Clicking on "Edit" brings me to top of page, does not let me edit or drag & drop section when trying to edit the Social Links section in the footer.
      Not sure what's happened, the section is now full-width and I can't edit it at all.
      Thank you for your help!

    • jdbrasesco
      By jdbrasesco+
      Does sociallinks only offer Twitter and Facebook icons/links?  I would like Instagram, Pinterest, and G+ as well. and possibly the ability to enter custom ones.
      Also, I liked the old DMS2 Sharebar better with the color change on hover.  Could you add that to Sociallinks?  I tried do do it myself with CSS, but didn't work quite right: http://www.hungryitalian.com/about/
      a.iconlist-link .pl-icon-twitter:hover { color: #55acee; } a.iconlist-link .pl-icon-facebook:hover { color: #3b5998; }  
    • fabienfons
      By fabienfons+
      In sociallinks, do you know : 
      How to change the text color (and social links) ?
      I'd like menu with white text
      Thanks !
    • art23130
      By art23130
      OK. First I should thank you a lot for the software you are providing. In the previous version of Pagelines there were an option to add RSS icon but in the new version DMS2 there is no any option to enable RSS icon into social link section. I think in the next versions you should consider it and meanwhile please give us a hand in order to solve this issue  :thumbsd: