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Embroidery Atelier

Shoplines with Fancy Product Designer

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Embroidery Atelier

Dear Pagelinesforum,

I would need some help with the Shoplines plugin in combination with the Fancy Product Designer.

First of all my core setup:

• Wordpress (v4.5.2)
• WooCommerce (v2.5.5)
• Pagelines Platform 5 (v5.0.142) aka. Shoplines (v5.0.76)
Fancy Product Designer (v3.2.0)

Since I’ve implemented the Shoplines Section, I have got some price calculation issues in combination with the Fancy Product Designer (common pro plugin). 

In the shopline section, the displayed pricing after adding text for 30$ bugs is always the basic-price and not the calculated one (in the cart the price is increased as usual)
Without any Theme the FPD plugin works perfectly and the displayed price is regular updatet (+30CHF) after adding text with the Desiger. (24.90 + 30 = 54.90CHF) 

Try it out on this page : http://ea-caps.ch/shop/yupoong-6089mt-blackneonorange/
Try to adding text on the fpd-demo page to see what I mean: http://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-product-designer-woocommerce-plugin/full_screen_preview/6318393

Do you have any suggestion how i can get out the amount at this position? 

Best regards 

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    • petere21
      By petere21
      I work with shoplines firts time when I see product page I see everything doubled I tried to work with settings but withou success Do I do something wrong? See blink
    • Embroidery Atelier
      By Embroidery Atelier+
      Hello together, 
      We are searching some Help with the Shoplines-Plugin in combination with the Fancy Product Designer.
      Pls check out first the blank product page: http://ea-caps.ch/shop/yupoong-6089mt-blackgrey/
      The biggest issue first: 
      - If you add some Text with the Customizer, usually the price should be increased + 30.- CHF for each object (as you can see on the Add-Button. On the “cart” page it is possible to see the right amount but unfortunately the displayed price on the regular product page still rest the same. Any idea how i can fix that?  
      The second issue:
      is the black background behind the customizer. I can easy delete the referent img in the shoplines functions, but there is still a black background and I can not fix that with any css code. Any Ideas? 
      Thx a lot for your time and have a nice day.