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Question on Three Sections - MegaNav, Agency-Splash, Sitemap Footer

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I have searched the forums and looked through the editing functions of each and can't figure this out,. Could you please tell me:
(The link to the staging site is here.)

  1.  MegaNav
    Is there a way to add the social link icons and links to it on the right side - I did this successful on the sitemap footer but don't know how to implement it into the MegaNav section.
  2. Agency Section-Splash Module
    How to I get the photo to display full screen in mobile/cellphone view - it is completely cut off. I put in an Image section just to try it out and it scales down perfectly. How do I do this with the Splash Module. Also the text over the photo does not completely fit on the cellphone screen. Is there a less/css I can use to get all the text to fit? I'm testing this on a rather large Samsung 6 Edge Plus screen.
  3. Sitemap Footer
    There are three menus but I only want one. Removing the menu titles does not get rid of the menus and "none" is not an option on the drop down menu. How do I eliminate these two extra menus?

Thank you for your assistance. I am most grateful.

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Embroidery Atelier

1. as i know there is no social media option for the MegaNav.

2. It works great with my mobile-phone and with severals mobile browser emulators. If you only want this big picture. Try to replace the "Agency-" with the "Lax"-Section. (Dont forget to modify your css)

3. Try to erase the title and select an empty menu.


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I am most grateful for your reply to my staging site here.

  1. Is there a nav section that includes logo, menu and social shares? I have tried Menus, Splash Nav, MegaNav, Agency - none have all three. Right now I put in social inks below MegaNav but it doesn't look very good. Social links allows a menu but not a logo.
  2. I used Lax on top instead as you suggested. Could you please tell me the CSS to have the text move over to the right but only on this page so that if I reuse Lax somewhere else it doesn't move the text over?

Many thanks.


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So you would like to see a menu section with a logo to right menu in the center and social icons on the left all in one.

Tip: You can always add html to a menu item and position it to the right. 

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Hi Aires

I downloaded a plugin called Menu Icons and that seems to work.

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