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mark turner

Mobile Menu Icon Not clickable

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mark turner

Mobile Menu Toggle

Hi - I can get the mobile menu icon to display but is inactive on iphone 6s safari/chrome - sure i have selected menu the Appearance>Menu options as well as in Pagelines settings too - and pointers?




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Hi there

I am having a similar issue. http://staging.eventsnouveau.co.uk/ I am using the standard menu section and have the mobile menu selected in the pagelines settings. I can get it to work on safari on my mac, and firefox on pc, chrome etc

I cant get it to work on ipad air 2 or iphone 6 it shows the toggle but doesnt activate the menu



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Should be fixed in last update

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mark turner

Hi - thanks can confirm all okay on iphone 6s and ipad mini :o)

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Yes it is fixed.


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