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Need help applying branding to DMS2

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I'm about to set up a site using DMS2 and I'm looking to apply a small bit of branding to where headings are going.

I've set-up headings using the Highlights section, centered on the page. What I would like to do is to be able to apply something so that for each Heading, a red underline graphic of the same width and size is aligned to the left-hand of where the text starts.

I've attached a mock-up of what this would look like (note that in the attached the red underline graphic is right-aligned, but it would be left-aligned on a website).

Is a way to do this to add something to the CSS? If so, I'm at a loss to what that would look like.

Any advice anybody could give would be much appreciated. 




Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 15.25.02.png

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Hi, is there a link to this site that you wish to share.

It would easier to assist you if we had one.


Visit iheartpagelines.com for the latest tutorials on PageLines related products.


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Hi Aires, thanks for the reply.

The website is now live and here (minus that specific piece of branding): http://www.thesuccessagents.com

Any advice you have would be great.


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