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Autoptimize, combining JS files crash the functionality

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We are using Autoptimize plugin to combine JS and CSS files to improve the site performance, but the there are couple of JS files from Pagelines that crash when included in the plugin.  (superfish.js, pl.tangram.js, meganav.js)

Can you recommend a way to include these JS files that won't crash the pages where they are present?



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    • Perry
      By Perry+
      Hello there,
      We have started experiencing a crippling issue within the last few days. It seems that ever since three days ago the CSS will not load for our pages outside of the DMS editor. Inside of the editor everything appears to be looking fine, but after publishing and viewing the page in a new browser our elements are all over the place, and in the console it appears that there is an error stating that the CSS did not get loaded. Looking through FTP, it seems that the two CSS files in the pagelines folder in wp-content are now missing. We did not access this folder or modify any files prior to this.  What kind of problem could this be? We are totally halted on any work we can perform until this is solved, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 
      An example of the phenomenon: http://datesafe2.21thirteenhost.com/category/ask-mike/
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      Our site has experience an huge down load time since yesterday and we can't find the solution at the moment. 
      Could you also have a look at that? https://queue-it.com/
      We have plenty of plugins that are not up to date, but we have a replicate of this site that has the same exact settings and updates with plugins but it performs a lot better.
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      Ahhh I screwed up. I was ALMOST DONE with my website, and tried adding a mailchimp js pop up form on the home page with this code mailchimp gave me for the pop up:
      <script type="text/javascript" src="//s3.amazonaws.com/downloads.mailchimp.com/js/signup-forms/popup/embed.js" data-dojo-config="usePlainJson: true, isDebug: false"></script><script type="text/javascript">require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"mc.us12.list-manage.com","uuid":"d136d5c71f4509140650ecf70","lid":"ab22ff149a"}) })</script>
      However, instead of adding a pop up it applied to the entire home page so now when I go to page to delet the code, I can;t... I get the stupid pop up and all i see is ablank page... please can someone out there help? Thank you! i have no idea where to manually find the code so I can delete it. I added a PL5 section "html" and dropped it in there...

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      ### Active Plugins (26) ###   BAW Post Views Count: by Juliobox – 2.19.11 BigTextDMS PL Section: by TourKick – 1.1 Dms Developer Tools: by PageLines – 0.2 DMS Professional Tools: by PageLines – 1.8.5 Dokan Lite - Multi-vendor Marketplace: by Tareq Hasan – 1.0 Footer Extras DMS: by Ellen Moore – 1.0 Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft: by BestWebSoft – 1.14 Hooker: by Simon Prosser – 1.5.1 MultiMenu: by PageLines – 1.2 Open external links in a new window: by Kristian Risager Larsen – 1.3.1 Orbisius Child Theme Creator: by Svetoslav Marinov (Slavi) – 1.2.5 Poppy: by PageLines – 1.4 PageLines Updater: by PageLines – 1.2.6 GrandStand: by PageLines – 1.3 PLNextBox: by PageLines – 1.1 SideWalk: by PageLines – 1.1 PageLines Signup: by PageLines – 0.2 Responsive Typography: by Kyle & Irving – 1.0.1 Sidebar Manager Light: by OTWthemes.com – 1.8 SolidFooter: by PageLines – 1.0 Stripe for WooCommerce: by Stephen Zuniga – 1.36 SumoMe: by SumoMe – 1.10 WooCommerce Menu Cart: by Jeremiah Prummer Ewout Fernhout – 2.5.6   WooCommerce: by WooThemes – 2.3.7 WordPress Importer: by wordpressdotorg – 0.6.1 WordPress SEO: by Team Yoast – 2.0.1     There appears to be several js errors however I have not made any significant updates to the site in a few days so I am not sure where they are coming from. The site was accessible yesterday however today the dms editor will not load. I am able to access the WP Dashboard however when I try to access the front end of my site for editing (I am using Pagelines DMS 2), I receive a loading error. I have disabled all plugins and removed all custom css and it still will not load. I added back the css and plugins and the problem still persists. Any help is much appreciated.   Cheers,   AG
    • MobileParity
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      I am pretty good with CSS and using DevTools to target the changes that I want however I am terrible when using jQuery. I am trying to use the FitText.js plugin to resize my Masthead Titles when the screen is resized. I have followed a brief tutorial however it seems I am not adding the script to the correct area. I have tried the Custom Code section for header scripts. I have tried adding the code the wp-header via Hooker and still nothing.
      Website URL:www.bingerr.com
      Framework Version:DMS 2
      WordPress Version: 4+
      Plugins in Use: https://github.com/davatron5000/FitText.js
      Details: Code i am using is below:
      <script src="jquery.fittext.js"></script>
      <script> $(document).ready(function() {   //from http://www.pagelinestheme.com/adding-jquery-code-dms-editor/   //CHANGE the jQuery selectors using your Canvas Area's Section ID     //Adding FitText Min/Max font size to Landing Page Masthead   $("#mastheadusrim9x h1.masthead-title").fitText(1, { minFontSize: '50px', maxFontSize: '160px' }); })   (function( $ ){     $.fn.fitText = function( kompressor, options ) {       // Setup options     var compressor = kompressor || 1,         settings = $.extend({           'minFontSize' : Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY,           'maxFontSize' : Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY         }, options);       return this.each(function(){         // Store the object       var $this = $(this);         // Resizer() resizes items based on the object width divided by the compressor * 10       var resizer = function () {         $this.css('font-size', Math.max(Math.min($this.width() / (compressor*10), parseFloat(settings.maxFontSize)), parseFloat(settings.minFontSize)));       };         // Call once to set.       resizer();         // Call on resize. Opera debounces their resize by default.       $(window).on('resize.fittext orientationchange.fittext', resizer);       });     };   })( jQuery );   </script>