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How to remove featured image on post/page but not blog page

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So, I've noticed Platform 5 takes the featured image, and puts this at the top of all posts and pages, and above the titles on the blog page.

Most of my posts have already accounted for this in the past and I manually added images to the tops of posts, and I certainly don't want the featured image at the top of my pages.


I was able to hide them with CSS, however, the one thing I want to keep is the images showing on the blog page. This page, with blog post titles and snippets, it's nice to have the images auto pulled to add visuals to the page. How can I accomplish this?


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Robert Granholm

http://itarsenal.com | Technical Support for Online Entrepreneurs

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@itarsenal I have the same problem, did you find a solution for this? Thanks!

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