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Loops & Categories in Posts

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I am trying to use a loops section at the bottom of my post pages to show excerpts of posts in the same category.

If I edit the loop and select a specific category to display the change affects all posts. 

Is there any way of getting the loop to inherit the category of post it displays based on the currently displayed post category or use category specific post templates?

- Tim

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To try to answer my own question....I have created a custom single.php (thanks for the suggestion Simon)  containing :


global $pl_controller;

pl_add_static_settings( $pl_controller->content->section_opts() );


foreach(get_the_category() as $cat) {
        echo do_shortcode ('[pl_section section="loops" id="'.$cat->slug.'"]');

What's the best way to administer all the sections the short codes create? 

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