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SignUp modul for PL5

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I miss Signup modul from DMS2. When we expect it in PL5 or how is possible to use old one or alternate it?

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most of the support we have to made it ourself :-) 

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    • oseehys
      By oseehys+
      Of all the Items that is on Pagelines Shortcode, the Signup on the Settings page is the biggest miss, can anybody tell me how i can add the Signup Shortcode on a link my footer so that users can subscribe to my blog directly or better still to create the shortcode myself if thats possible, but instead of adding a new button somewhere down, i think its better to add the Signup shortcode to an existing link, Thanks
    • Samuel Costa - UDF
      By Samuel Costa - UDF+
      i like to know if i can use signup button shortcode inside text editor or embed section.
    • Mike Becker
      By Mike Becker
      So the PL Signup Up Plugin is cool, but how do we get it to do more than it does now...for instance.
      Right now, the plugin:
      takes emails, sends them to Mailchimp and than shows success message. How do we get it to:
      take emails and possibly first name, send to Mailchimp and/or Aweber and/or Infusionsoft, and redirect to a different URL vs the success message (MOST IMPORTANT ONE). Thanks ahead,
    • ketri
      By ketri

      I'm creating a WP multisite. With DMS theme enabled the /wp-signup.php gives a 404.
      What's going on ? 
      And how does DMS work with multisites? 
    • x3mgroup
      By x3mgroup
      Hi, A couple of days ago i signed up for pagelines.me account (x3mgroup), to try the upcoming DMS framework, after the acknowledgement i got this message:
      Our automated filters have determined that this
      blog signup looks like it could be by a spammer.
      The admin has already been contacted to review.
      I also answered the question.
      But still nothing happens. I would very much appreciate if you could allow to do some test driving
      Today i tried to signin and i get:
      "Site Suspended"
      (i have a PageLines Framework Developer and previously a PlatformPro Developer, and will probably purchase the DMS Developer framework)
      So i really would appreciate if you kindly could take care about the above.
      Kind regards
      Charles Wolff Schoemaker X3mGroup