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Search results page featured images missing

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The featured images from the search results page seem to be missing - the featured images are there when you view the individual posts and on the Magazine section blog page but there are broken links on the Search Results page. See screen shot...

WP - 4.4.2

Platform5 - 5.0.132

Can provide a link to the site privately.

Many thanks in advance.

Search Results screenshot2.png

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Just realized it's the pages where it's missing the images - is this meant to happen or a bug with Magazine section???

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were the images set?

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Just realized its the featured images on the pages that weren't set - for some reason I'd wasn't thinking there were featured images for pages! Sorry to have bothered you - many thanks.

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      Hello everyone, my first post here with something that is really strange:
      The search is either returning results for words that are not present in the page (actually  the results snippets shows a very old version of the page, like 2 weeks old). In another case the search returns no results at all. 
      My web: http://nexinteractive.heidicruz.com/outbound/ 
      Two examples to replicate the problem using the search box on the nav bar on top:
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      2. Now search for the word "skill". You'll get 0 results. But that word is in an iBox in the page titled Inbound. Same structure as the Outbound page.
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      My settings right now:
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      b. DMS2 version 2.1.8
      c. Wordpress 4.0
      d. Active Plugins: Contact Form 7, DMS Professional Tools, Google Analytics by Yoast, Pagelines Updater, Wordpress Importer.
      e. Debug mode: ON