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Potential WP Properties Plugin Conflict

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I am experiencing a possible plugin conflict and wanted to write in to see if this is something that may be an easy fix for someone who has more knowledge of how the plugin and theme work with other plugins.

On the site in question I had started to build the site using DMS 2 and a plugin called WP-Property and everythgin was going smoothly. However, with the release of Platform 5 and the Framework theme I decided to switch over and use these new products. However, with the WP Property plugin activated I am unable to access the Pagelines front-end Page Editor. The editor never opens and then logs me out of Wordpress entirely. If I disable the WP Property plugin then I am able to use the editor. Ideally I would like to use these new products to build this site but if there is no solution I can always revert back to DMS 2. Any thoughts about troubleshooting or a possible workaround would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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