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Google Analytics - Best place for code?

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If I'm using PL5 with PL5 Framework, what is the best way to include Google Analytics code?


I know we have an Advanced section in Settings but that just allows for Header scripts. Should we also have a footer (after body) section to place scripts like GA.


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there's a ton of ways to do this one, you could use a plugin or a hook like wp_footer.

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Does it make any difference if it's in the header or footer?

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On 2/25/2016 at 2:01 PM, hibbsy78 said:

Any more progress on this one? The amount of sites viewed on mobile is ever increasing so this is a big issue.

Good ole Big G recommend after closing body tag - so I'm goin with what they say. ;)

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Update: I've now put it in the same place Pagelines.com uses in the Header section of PL5 settings. If it's goo enough for PL it's good enough for me. It's works just fine.

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Ideally tracking codes are placed at the footer. It is to allow your site to render while the browser is waiting for off-domain assets (which in this case, tracking codes from analytics). It is a recommended format where:

  • header: scripts essential for the site to function and render. removing these will severely break site functionality / design.
  • body: content (well, lol)
  • footer: the rest of the non-essential scripts that the site doesn't need to function/render. Or other scripts that can be triggered to load later after everything else.

As far as I know the browser engine renders the page from header > body > footer in order. So if a part of the header doesn't load in time, it prevents the body from rendering at all. Unless you have a server that somehow speeds up loading site assets, or if your server's running on HTTP/2.

TL;DR: Place it in the footer, unless you have something else up your sleeve.

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you can copy footer.php to your child theme and add scripts there, especially if you're loading js that requires being loaded from footer

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Just add the GA script in the PL5 Advance Settings.


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