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Lax features

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Hi there, I am just tweaking a site that I have Lax on. http://aesthetox.co.uk/ and I am just checking mobile and tablet versions.

I have added in this css to hide the main h2 text as on mobile it looks crap

@media screen and (max-width: 480px)

    .lax-window .lax-mast h2  {
    visibility: hidden;}

but is ok on ipad 

I think it would be a good function to be able to hide the header/sub headers on either mobile or tablet...

This could be added I feel in the section Lax so it hides them...? or not... depending on the layout...? 

Also possibly the ability to add a mobile image for better sizing? 

I know this can be coded in css but think it would be a good option in some of the sections? I am going to end up with a big toolkit of css ...:)



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