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Scott Clendaniel

Please cancel my two paid subscriptions

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Scott Clendaniel

Hi folks, T. Scott Clendaniel here.  Somehow I am still paying for two subscriptions, #144908 and #168952.  Please cancel both ASAP.  Thanks very much!!!!

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HI Scott.

I replied to your ticket, if you have any further questions please ask them there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • Gary
      By Gary
      I am some what disappointed with PageLines, many of the hyped feature namely drag & drop are already available with other applications and are free, one thing that i cant get my head around with PageLines is, I thought it was going to make my life easier when developing for clients, so i designed a site for a client, exported it (.jason file) however as it was a child theme it relies on a copy of PageLines and without my activation code inserted, which is visible to the client from their dashboard my clients get your branding everywhere on their new site made by me(not good). Please correct me if i am wrong.
      Your pricing structure is somewhat expensive , i really do not fancy paying £25.00 a month the rest of life.
      So could you please advise me how to cancel my subscription.
      Gary UK
    • dreamsight
      By dreamsight
      I have from Feb this year...
      PageLines Framework - Developer                    $197.00
      PageLines Plus ( Dev )                             $19.00
      Why does my account have nothing showing?
    • mbreese1
      By mbreese1
      Throwing this out here since I'm having *splendid* luck with assistance via PL staff today (Yay Rob!).
      I've got a site... don't we all?
      Running WP/Pagelines with Woocommerce- blog and store. All 3 pieces of this puzzle have their own way of allowing access/maintaining subscriber/customer/user databases. And it seems EXTREMELY dumb + confusing + redundant (in the bad way) to have 3 different ways for someone to become part of your list, all with different functions.
      Has anyone had this issue before? How did you solve it? Do you choose one and dump the others? Don't want that because I want people to have the benefit of all 3 (commenting, subscriptions, store account). Could they be smushed together in some seamless and elegant way? Am I in over my head? (WAIT- do NOT answer that last one!)
      Okay geniuses, I await the brilliance of the PL hive mind.