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Running P5 and DMS2 Simultaneously

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Just added P5 to an old DMS2 platformed site to play around with it.  Wow! It's awesome! Now I don't have to scour old forums and Q&A to find little snippets of code to make tiny adjustments.  

I'm noticing that both DMS2 and Platform 5 run along side each other.  Is it better to work solely with P5, or can it be better to use both simultaneously?  Even on new websites moving forward? (For example: There are some extensions the DMS2 has that P5 does not, I think...like Hooker maybe)

I ask this particularly as a layman (who barely knows code) that spent numerous hours building early sites with DMS and DMS2, and has zero experience with P5 and just finally got the hang of DMS2.  

Thank you for P5, excited to start using it!

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Do as much with PL5 as possible as thats the future and it has better tricks now and even better ones coming.

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