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[Suggestion] Templates / Scope

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I have said this before, but I'm not sure if anybody saw it ot paid attention to it, so I'll say it again and maybe someone will agree with me.

Well, after you work on your site using 'the scope' and think you finally have your ideal version for a specific page, you go and save it as its 'Template'. So far, so goo. I really like it. 

The thing is that, later, if you have other ideas and then you make changes to that template and modify it using the scope and then save, it will only save for that specific scope. So, if you load the template again, you'll loose the new modifications.

Is there a way to put a tick box next to the save button for us to click it if we want to save the modification in the template as well?

The only way (that I know) now is to save a new template every time we change it.

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In Platform 5 templates are linked like they were in DMS. Personally i am ok with this because it gives me a fallback if say I dont like the new version of the template I  still have the original to load up.



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I know. But I'm not saying that scopes should override the template when saved, just that it would be nice to have a check box if we decide it is good enough to override it.

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I'm having a tough time getting a handle on the PL5 templates also. In DMS, you could update the template with current configuration. Doesn't seem like there's a way to do this in PL5. Say you have two secondary page templates, half of you pages using one template and the other half using another template, you have to manually adjust half of your pages? That's a huge pain. Am I missing something?

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Hello, I also have a problem with the template support in Platform5. You have a number of websites that are set in one template ... for example, 50 pages of articles. I would like to change something in your template - unfortunately it requires the opening and renovation of all 50 pages with articles .... Is it some other way?

The DMS was that I changed anything in the template, and if the parties were active in it, automatically changed it all.

Request for help...


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we are going to improve this soon, the original hypothesis was that page scope (template, post type, etc..) would cover most use cases but we've learned it doesn't work well for 'pages'... 

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