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Tangram Carousel - change transition

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the transition of Tangram Carousel to a smooth scroll?  At the moment I feel it is very 'jerky' when using the default transition.


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would take an upgrade to the section but its probably possible.

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    • mtaus
      By mtaus
      I've added a Tangram to the footer section of this site (http://staging.citroncatering.com/). After the images were displaying. Then they only displayed while I was viewing the page while logged in to WP. Now they're not displaying at all.

    • kwp4petar
      By kwp4petar
      Dear PageLines Forum,

      So I have here a video which i've embedded from the FTP server into the RevSlider:


      I would like to change the black bars to either white or a different color, anything not black.  How would I go about doing this?  Another, more complicated, request that I have is to be able to time the transition from the video to the RevSlider (or other slides if video is to stay inside RevSlider).

      I want it so that the video automatically plays upon page-load, and continues to play.  Once it is finished playing it will fade away and transition to the slider.  So I want the video to play all the way through once, and then never come back again unless the page is revisted/refreshed and then transition to the RevSlider.  I understand that this may be more difficult and I could just keep it in the slider and let people do as they please, but this would really make me happy!

      Thank you all for your time and advice

      - Peter

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      I would like to remove the transition arrows on the Quickslider, since I have already set the slides to automatically transition. They appear over the slide and I don't need them. How can I remove them?
      There does not appear to be an option to remove these navigation/transition arrows. 
      URL: http://briandavisonline.com/ctdev/
      I'm using: DMS2, latest Chrome, with latest version of Wordpress, with Hostgator
      Active Plugins: Pagelines PRO, Pagelines Updater, BackupBuddy, DMS Professional Tools, BackWPup, and Contact Form 7
      Screenshot attached
    • nfp1900
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      The automate quickslider option is fixed as 7 seconds, so of course the client has asked for a faster transition time...
      Inspecting the element shows this and the transition shifts from 0s to 6s - but how can I make the adjustment with CSS?
      <ul class="slides" style="-webkit-transition: 0.6s; transition: 0.6s; width: 1200%; -webkit-transform: translate3d(-2202px, 0, 0);"><li class="clone" style="width: 734px; float: left; display: block;"><img src="http://oraclecancertrust.org.gridhosted.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/slider_4_41.png" alt=""> </li>
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      I'm finally messing with revslider and I see how to add images easily but video is a bit harder.  I added the video but as the second slide it doesnt do anything and just comes in with no transitions.  I have the boxfade set but it will not do it with a video.  Is there a way to make this perform the effect so that my site is consistent?