Connecting to account problems? Bottom line, if you have a connection issue here are the first things to try:  Broken Token: Disconnect account then reconnect Host Issue: Does your host have a security block on connections like this? Or is a security plugin causing the problem? Internet is down: There may be a temporary issue with either PageLines' server or your server. These typically go away within a few minutes/hours Are things not saving correctly?  90% of the time save issues come from plugin conflicts or javascript errors. First thing to check is if a plugin is causing the issue with PageLines.  If its not a conflict, then check for Javascript errors using your browser web developer console.  Other things to think about is whether you have a markup issue somewhere in your content (if you have unclosed tags) Finally, make sure you don't have an issue with your host or a security plugin blocking connections. Other common problems:   Framework install failed Platform 5 will not Connect WordPress says missing stylesheet when I try and install Platform 5 Platform 5 will not make me pro. Spinning Cog I Cant open the builder! Putting PL5 into Safe Mode. Licences and Staging