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[SAVE TIME] Common Issues & Solutions

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Connecting to account problems?

Bottom line, if you have a connection issue here are the first things to try: 

  • Broken Token: Disconnect account then reconnect
  • Host Issue: Does your host have a security block on connections like this? Or is a security plugin causing the problem?
  • Internet is down: There may be a temporary issue with either PageLines' server or your server. These typically go away within a few minutes/hours

Are things not saving correctly? 

  • 90% of the time save issues come from plugin conflicts or javascript errors. First thing to check is if a plugin is causing the issue with PageLines. 
  • If its not a conflict, then check for Javascript errors using your browser web developer console. 
  • Other things to think about is whether you have a markup issue somewhere in your content (if you have unclosed tags)
  • Finally, make sure you don't have an issue with your host or a security plugin blocking connections.

Other common problems:


Framework install failed


Some people have reported that when clicking the Install Framework button WordPress attempts to install the file and produces the error 'Download Failed'.

This is typically caused by a security plugin that you installed or your host running a security firewall that only allows WP to download files from wordpress.org.

To fix the issue a few domain/ips have to be allowed through:   - deploy.pagelines.io  - wpecdn.pagelines.com -  www.pagelines.com

Once WP has access to fetch data from those IPs you will be able to see the extend store, install extensions and most importantly receive updates!

Platform 5 will not Connect



Go to pagelines.com and make sure you are logged out. Clear browser cache. Now go back to your site and click connect again you should be redirected to pagelines.com to login. Login and you should be redirected back.
If it does not 'connect' its probably because your site is stopping WordPress from fetching your user data, see the info above about unblocking with IPs and domains.

If all else fails open a support ticket supplying the url to your site and a login that we can use to test.


WordPress says missing stylesheet when I try and install Platform 5


Platform 5 is a plugin, go to your plugins page and click add new then upload the zip file you downloaded. You can even search for it in the add new page as Platform 5 is available via wordpress.org plugins.

Platform 5 will not make me pro.


Click the disconnect button and reconnect to restart the process.

Spinning Cog I Cant open the builder!



This is a common issue.

  • Did you recently activate a new plugin?
    Deactivate the plugin to see if that resolves your issue.
  • Have you added any javascript into the Advanced Settings area in wp-admin => PageLines Settings?
    Remove the new javascript to see if that resolves your issue.

The most common way to create this error is by putting unclosed HTML elements into a PL5 section. 

Consider this code:


As you can see ive accidentally left the closing script tag. Now when you load the page your browser will include EVERYTHING after your snipper as javascript and your page will crash, you'll get a nice white page and a spinning cog if you try and open the builder! 

How do you add the /script tag now? Easy, we put PL5 into safe mode!


Putting PL5 into Safe Mode.



Adding the URL parameter 'plsafemode' into your site address will send PL5 into safemode as long as you are logged in and have permission to use the builder.

Here is a couple of examples:

http://my-site.com becomes http://my-site.com/?plsafemode

http://my-site.com/?pl_edit=on&pl_start=yes becomes http://my-site.com/?pl_edit=on&pl_start=yes&plsafemode

Now all sections will render as 'NO OUTPUT ( SAFE MODE )' and you can easily get into the builder to fix any unclosed tags.


Licences and Staging


PL5 will let you activate PRO while developing a site if it detects any of the following:

  • You are running your site locally, on laptop/pc ect.
  • You are using a staging site and have these words as part of the URI: staging, xip, flywheelsites, localhost, myfrpupload ( staging.mydomain.com for example )

After using a staging area and copying to a live domain you WILL NEED TO RECONNECT before you attempt to activate PL5


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