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    • Aires
      By Aires
      The rewards of pounding javascript and jquery into my brain. The css and script is at the end for you copy and paste. Remember to change the section id in the css and the script.
      This site helped me out alot  http://overapi.com/ as well as Treehouse with a touch of Lynda.
      Here is the screencast  http://screencast.com/t/l2tscyN7
      #naviu4c633 {   padding: 20px 0;   -webkit-transition: padding .55s; -moz-transition: padding .55s; -ms-transition: padding .55s; -o-transition: padding .55s; transition: padding .55s;   }  
      <script>   jQuery(document).ready(function() {     jQuery(window).scroll(function() {       if ( jQuery(window).width() > 768) {         if (jQuery(window).scrollTop() >= 100) {             jQuery('#naviu4c633').css('padding', '0');             jQuery("#naviu4c633 img").attr("src", "your url here for mini");              } else {             jQuery('#naviu4c633').css('padding', '20px 0');             jQuery("#naviu4c633 img").attr("src", "large logo url");              }       }     });  });    </script>  
    • vytfla
      By vytfla
      I just inherited a site that is currently using a child theme of Platform Pro. Is there any sort of documentation to help me navigate the folders? It's not structured by what I am used to and there are a lot of files that I can't find or hooks that I have no idea where I can edit.
    • orpheus42
      By orpheus42
      Is there a tutorial available for creating new DMS sections? I have some things I'd like to include for my own use, and possibly to release to the community later on if I find them useful and get the bugs worked out, but I'd appreciate not having to figure everything out by looking through the code.
    • Olly