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Audun MB

Recreating the Sitemap Footer with sections and widgets

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Audun MB

Just for reference if someone else needs to do this. 

The Sitemap footer doesn't support nested menus, which makes it kind of pointless. Who doesn't have a nested site structure? Anyway, this allows for more finegrained control over the footer, while keeping the nice look. 

Anyway, I liked the style of the sitemap, so I recreated it with sections. Here's the setup.


Add one main container. Too allow for styling, give this the additional class "footer". Add a text section with the two social buttons shortcodes ( [pl_facebook_like] [pl_twitter_follow] ), place it to the left (and left align the text). Add another for the copyright/privacy text (right align the text). 6 columns for each text section, and font size should be around 80%.

Add another container, place it above the two text sections. Give it the class "footer-border", and add a transparent bottom border to that class (see CSS below).

Add a widget section with the three menus (you probably need a custom sidebar, I'm using the Custom Sidebar plugin). Next to it add a container again. In this container add a text section for your adress (left-align text), and a Social links section. Give the social links section the class "footer-social", left-align the text, set padding to 0.0 and set font size to 150%. Somehow the social links section escapes the opacity I set for the rest of the footer and shows as much darker, so used the custom class to adjust that to make it look nice.  Below is my full CSS/LESS for footer-styling (I prefer menu items to be normal text color instead of link color, but wanted the mailto link in my linkcolor (@linkcolor is defined at the top of my Custom LESS/CSS, you need to define it as well or just ignore that part of the styling). 

/*footer styling*/
  opacity: .95;
 a {
    color: inherit;
    color: inherit;
    text-decoration: none;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: @linkcolor;
  opacity: 0.5;
  .footer-border {
  border-bottom: solid 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);

This is what it looks like:



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Great Job Audun!!! Nice to see solutions as a topic.....:geek:

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