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I was just billed for my PL membership, which made me think what exactly I'm being billed for exactly. Andrew has recently said that memberships are now gone and the payment/license would be dealt differently. Could anyone clarify this, please?

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Your payments are now being applied towards the new Platform 5 at a grandfathered rate, since DMS, even though will still be supported, will no longer be actively developed/new sections added, etc... 


The new Platform 5 pricing model is as follows:

(per year)
$99: 1 Pro Site Activation,
$399: 5 Pro Site Activations:
$699: 10 Pro Site Activations:
$999: 20 Pro Site Activations:


If you are a prior customer and are on a personal, professional or developer recurring license, you will be grandfathered in at approximately 30% of the cost (great deal!)… Here’s how it adds up:

DMS Personal: 4 activations
DMS Professional: 8 activations
DMS Developer: 12 activations

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