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Duplicated Feature Image in Header Container

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Not sure how to explain this but if you go to my site, it should become clear. http://Qamera.com

I'm using the Single Bits Container to deliver a full-width image from the feature of the most recent blog post, directly onto the home page which is also the Blog page. 

  1. There's no reason to show this image at all, on the blog post that follows.  It would actually be great if the entire blog post simply displayed below it (not truncated or abbreviated), without the feature image - since it already appears in the Single Bits container.
  2. Likewise, for earlier blog posts, the feature image is showing as a large thumbnail in each of the abbreviated versions (* I know this is the wrong terminology. Sorry!) on the blog roll but when I click on a blog to read the full post, the feature image appears twice - once in the Single  Bits Container at the top of the page - which I WANT - and again, at the head of the blog post - which makes it look duplicated. 

Is there a way to avoid the duplication?  Thanks in advance...

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