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DMS, Sections, and Updates

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DMS Theme Version:

DMS Professional Tool Version 1.8.5

WordPress 4.4.2



I am lost. Granted it's been awhile since I've made changes, but I am trying to do some now. I keep my WP up to date and do regular updates, so I believed. Essentially started when I wanted to add a new section (splash). It used to direct to Pagelines to purchase or download, now it's directing me to use "Extend". Now, according to Extend:


" To extend your PageLines Platform Functionality, navigate to the "PageLines → Extend" submenu from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.


Well, the problem I have, there is NO Pagelines-> Extend! When I hover over Paglines, nothing, no submenu. If I click it brings me to:

Editing Your Site With DMS

This has no options other than some coding entry.


What happened? Why all of a sudden is it so difficult to simply add a section? If my DMS or DMS tools are out of date, why are they not showing up in the updates section of wordpress. 



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