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DMS2 and Multisite Language Switcher pb

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Hello , 

(i have post this last friday, but the message seem's having been deleted, so I post It again).

I use DMS2 on my website in wordpress, and, I just creat a Multisite . It 's working .

I want to use Multisite Language Switcher, (and it's plugin MslsMenu), in order to put a flag in the main menu bar for the other available traductions . 

It's work very well with others Themes (like twenty sixteen for exemple) . But With DMS2 it just do not print any flag (or any text) ....
There is an option to integrate the flag using the widdgets .. it's work"s, but i don't want to use the widdgets. I would like to put the flag on the main menu bar . 

Here you can see the website http://en.photographe-de-mariage-gay.fr/

Have you any idea why it does not work ? Should I change any setting ? 

Thank's for your help.



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