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Using Post Thumbnails // HowTo?

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I just tried to figure out how to use Lax in combination with Post Thumbnails the following way: instead of showing the Featured Image on top of the content section I would like to have a Lax section above the content which loads for each post the featured image. To do so it seems there should be some kind of word press hook support necessary (not ready yet)? Or did I miss something?

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We could maybe add an option for the section to just use the featured image... 

would that solve your issue?

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Not sure if it would be straightforward to do, but how about a simple [pl_featuredimage_url] in addition to "[pl_uploads_url]/some/image.jpg" to address a featured image directly. Or is this done already?

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    • mtaus
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      I have added a Lax section on the footer of this site: http://www.ics-law.org.php72-38.lan3-1.websitetestlink.com/ but the background image is not displaying. When I first add the image it appears in the background, but then after saving and reloading it is gone even though the thumbnail indicates it's still there. Screenshot attached.
      Any suggestions?

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      I am having an issue with the Lax sections on Platform 5. I can embed a widget or text box into a Lax section which is really neat, but the image in the background (the parallax image) seems to get stretched and doesn't scale in an attractive way.  For example, the page http://ed6.61e.myftpupload.com/#clients has a parallax section with a woman's face  and I thought is would scale as the browser window gets smaller but the zoom-level never changes. Also, the amount of parallax shift seems more dramatic than what we want. I thought that if I uploaded a shorter image it would scan/scroll less since the height from the image's top to bottom would be less. However, that doesn't seem to have any effect and I am at a loss of how to properly control the way the image is displayed within that box. Any thoughts, tips, or suggestions to get me pointed in the right direction?
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      So I have a question regarding Lax nested in a container. When I drop Lax into a container I get the sizing and scrolling behavior I am after but if I set a background color for the container that color subsequently "covers" the image in Lax. What am I missing? I have tried a exhaustive number of setting combinations but I just can't get this to show the Lax image "over" the background color of the container that Lax is nested in. Any help (even someone telling me it won't work like that) would be appreciated. Thanks!
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      Hi guys,
      I have noticed that all thumbnails on www.michaelkummer.com are scaled down in CSS or HTML, rather than on the backend by Jetpack's Photon. See https://db.tt/vNJCn7Gh and https://db.tt/3ZpkHM7G. 
      Any idea why Pins sets the image width and height to something much larger than what's shown on the screen? Is there any way to fix this so that Photon can do a better job in rescaling the images on the backend before they are delivered to the browser?
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      I posted this on the Pagelines 5 section, then realised that this may be better off in this section. Soz. 
      Hey everyone, I'm having a little difficulty making my website mobile friendly. 
      First off, my website is www.joshofalltrades.tech and I'm pleased with what I have done so far, the only problem that I am having is with the mobile version of the site. 
      The main problem is the paralax scrolling doesn't seem to work on the mobile site. It looks really good when used on the desktop version, but on the mobile version the images that act as the background on the lax appear as regular pictures (they don't have the 'paralax' effect'). The two images that I am discussing are the pictures of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
      Does anyone have any fixes for this/ideas?? I've seen other mobile sites where the paralax scrolling does work, are they using something other than PG5?
      Thank you kindly in advance (: