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MegaNav, More Than 1?

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I should be able to have different meganav menus on different pages, right? 

I have pages that are displaying the first meganav menu, with dropdown items, exactly as expected. 

When I add in the second meganav menu, it's not displaying the dropdown items even though I've set it up in the builder. 

any idea what's up? Thanks! 

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could be a fringe bug... does it do that everywhere?

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have you used the WordPress location management in the Menus? 
if so try leaving it blank - that's what worked for me. 

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Hey there... sorry for the slow reply. 

Thanks Gavin, I checked, but no location management. Working on this today & will advise if I find anything. 

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Are you sure you saved then refreshed the page or turned off the builder?

Ive got a page here with 2 megamenu sections on it, 2 different menus and both have dropdowns.

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Sorry for the slow reply. 

The first time I used MegaNav I set the nav to pull category pages & it did that w/out a problem. This time it wouldn't pull the category pages. 

If I add the post pages in individually it works fine. 

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