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Mobilemenu not hidden when clicked on anchorlinks

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Hi there

When creating a classic onepage website with anchor links the mobilemenu does not hide it self when clicked.

I can see that this issue have been reported before, is there any solution to this? 

I have the same issue here: http://trasborg.dk/ and here: http://piaggio-ape50.dk/




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    • jagipson
      By jagipson+
      I am trying to make a scroll anchor to move down the page but once it get there it opens the button. I have the scroll part that was easy but how do I get the button open the form once it scrolls down? I am trying to accomplish what this website has: http://www.gainor.net/jobs/view/production-designer-design-agency/  You press the Apply Now button and it scrolls down to the other apply button and then opens it all by clicking the one button any suggestions on how i can accomplish this?
    • napait
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      Hello All,
      My question is.. How do I add more social icons using the Navi section in Mobile Menu mode?
      The only two that show up are the Facebook and Twitter, from the information you fill out in the Site Setting > Social & Local.
      Please review site for example: www.napait.com
      I would like to be able to add custom icons such as other social and phone, map, contact icons after these social icons in the mobile menu. Basically want to move the phone icon into the social icons bar. Having looked for the right hook using Hooker plugin I still have been unsuccessful.
      Thank you in advance.
    • chamois_blanc
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      Hi, the mobile menu that appears on the right hand side does not disappear after tapping on a menu item which is an anchor link. I have to manually tap on the page to make it go away. This seems counter-intuitive. Any solution?
      Thank you,
    • jmad
      By jmad
      I've tried both Navbar and Navi in full width and am getting the same issue.  I haven't tested on other mobile devices other than iPhone (a few different versions).
      You can see the issue here msdbuild.flywheelsites.com (flywheel, furtive-music are needed to view site).
      When the mobile Nav is open and Rev slider progresses to the next slide, the slide becomes taller, if you click in Search and then click "done" the slider doesn't shrink (which means text if centered is being cutoff) and it won't progress to the next slide.  If you don't click in the search box but just back on the page then the slider doesn't shrink but will still progress to the next slide.   Either can be fixed by manually sliding but I it seems this would need corrected.  
      I had trouble pin pointing when the slide wouldn't start backup but regardless this doesn't seem like something that should be happening.
    • Ryan Logan
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      I'm trying to set up an anchor from an iBox to Hero.  I have the iBox side of things set up, but I'm not sure where to define the anchor within Hero unit.  
      Any help would be appreciated.
      Thank you.