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Custom Side bar alternative

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DMS2 site with custom sidebars, multiple columns and multiple widgets on different pages.

Is anyone using an alternate version of a custom sidebar other than the one suggested by DMS? Pro version of this plugin is $19 a month...

which is rediculous... we have a free version however, it seems to be giving our server guy issues with infinite looping and slowing down the site.

Please advise.



This is what our server guys said: "Page Load Times
With Custom Sidebars  - max 7.5 seconds (avg 6.5)
Without Custom Sidebars – max 2.65 seconds (avg 2.5)
The endless loop happens in the library used by Custom Sidebars "

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more info (see edit history)

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I agree on that. Now my site will not load with custom sidebar in "edit mode" with DMS 2. so any suggestion would be much appreciated ;-)


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Having these same performance issues on my DMS sites. This is really disappointing because the plugin was recommended to use. Now I may have to replace it with something else. I really don't want to have to do that. Hope there's a better solution soon!

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