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[Solved] Where is Platform 5 data stored in database?

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Hi, I'm a long time PageLines and DMS user. Trying out Platform 5 now.

Does Platform 5 store data like DMS 2 as serialized data, or does it store data in a regular WordPress mysql table?

Thanks very much.

~ julian

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It stores data in various places, and all WordPress arrays and objects are always serialized.

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Hi Simon,

I'm hoping to be able to work with the support team at WP Stagecoach and VersionPress to see if I can get Platform 5 to work with their WordPress version control tools. DMS 2 and other 'page builder' tools have never worked well (or at all) with these tools. I understand it's quite complex to do, so please understand that I'm not issuing a judgment or criticism of PageLines, I'm just trying to get information.

Since platform 5 is a new architecture, I was hoping it might use a different way of storing data that would work with these tools. 

Is there any way I could get more detailed information about where the data is stored so I can provide that to them?

Thank you Simon, have a good day.

~ julian

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ok well you have the following then..

  • pl_data_maps (JSON)
    This is where PL5 stores the maps data for sections.
  • pl_data_sections (JSON)
    This is where individual sections store their settings
  • theme_mods_{themename} (serialized)
    As well as normal WP theme options PL5 stores the section paths here. PL5 will autodetect if the ABSPATH has changed and rebuilds the data if need be.
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Thanks very much Simon. I appreciate the info. Cheers

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Thank you very much @jinfinite8 & @Simon!

Few hours ago, I was adding a short java script code into an embed section of my homepage. (The subscribe pop-up' code of Mailchimp).  After refreshing the frontend editor and all content somehow disappeared.  The developer tools console said it was a problem with jquery.  All other pages were working fine.

After thinking a while how to get that problem solved, I suddenly thought of the database value of that embed section.

The solution

  1. Find the ID of the section
    • Right-click on any section
    • Click on "Inspect" (Developer tools opens)
    • Find the ID of the erroneous section (something like  <section ID="embed_uwyx62w" class="........." >).
  2. Make a backup of your database,
  3. Open MySQL 
  4. Find & click on pl_data_sections
  5. Find & open the section by ID
  6. Remove the code which is causing the trouble



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