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SplashUP Image position

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Is there a chance in "SplashUP" section - when in Full screen mode - to center the image horizontally? (the "Background Advanced" options of "tiling" have no impact wenn using them!!!) This is important on small screens, since most core motives within an image might be rather right, center, or left placed - than this option is vital to put  things in right place.

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    • Jason
      By Jason+
      A previous thread mentioned problems with Splashup in IE.
      I am having these same issues. Everything is fine in firefox and chrome but IE displays only half the splash up section overlayed across the other content. See screen shots below.
      How it should look is Fire fox Splashup
      How it looks in IE is IE Splashup.
      Site is www.catholiccol.org.nz/live-preview-09-2016
      I have also attached shots of Inspect of each browser. As soon as I click on the ::after and ::before elements in IE the page displays correctly.
      I have tried Splashup on other sites and a local install with no custom css and all other plugins disabled but I still get the same problem.
      Any ideas?

    • BlueSkyCreative
      By BlueSkyCreative+
      Hi there,
      Just using Navpro for the first time and the submenu is falling behind my splashup video. Must need a z-index adjust....
      I will find it in my css and pull it forward but thought it might need a fix
    • claudedagenais
      By claudedagenais+
      I'm testing SplashUp today for a project and I'm having two issues when using it on mobile. 
      1- The two top menus when I click on the hamburger  appears side by side so if the items in the menus are a little long they overlap. Could I only show 1 (ie the left one) or manage the font size for the mobiles only?
      2- If I put a background image it is not bounded by the screen size so it is way to big.
      tx again.
      hamburger (https://youtu.be/iUCDhvbQFmU)
    • floydwebb
      By floydwebb
      Whats causing my sections to just to the top of the browswet like this? Share section is jumping above SplashUp
      See here: http://screencast.com/t/z0tZsSxB
    • BlueSkyCreative
      By BlueSkyCreative+
      Hi there
      I am working on loads of PL5 sites but seem to be getting some similar issues when they are viewed on tablet and mobile
      SO this site for instance http://convalescentscheme.org.uk/ uses a splashup background but when portrait on mobile it looks wrong, If there a way of telling it to use a different image?
      Im not that great with css but tried this
      @media screen and (max-width: 430px)
      .pl-sn-wrap { background-image: url("http://convalescentscheme.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/37868782_l-1.jpg")
          visibility: hidden;}
      to hide it but I cant seem to hide it...and then I need to link for portrait mobile to another image...
      This would be great in the section itself to be able to do this... for backgrounds...
      I am finding I need to be alot better with css with PL5 than before with dms
      How can I do this? cheers