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I need Pagelines Theme

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Hallo ladies & gentlemen, 

congratulation to the forum!

I'd have a commercial question: I'd like to buy PageLines for Wordpress, but when I am in the PageLines Dashboard and I click on Upgrade Now, I go on an unexisting page (https://www.pagelines.com/pricing/?ref=le-admin). I'd like to have the PageLine Version that in the Wordpress Themes Page had the following description: 

PageLinesVersione: 1.4.5
Di PageLines

A responsive drag-and-drop platform for professional websites based on HTML5 and CSS3. PageLines will help you do amazing things faster & easier than ever before. Designed by PageLines in California. Twitter @pagelines

Is that the same of Platform 5? What's the official page in pagelines.com with the description of the product?

Thank you so much to all the people!


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