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PageHeader Section from DMS

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The section PageHeader in DMS was very helpful to have a customized title, with background things, specially in archive pages.

I haven't found anything similar in PL5 and I have to manually go to every tag and category to make custom titles manually using elements like masthead or just text.

Is it possible to have the section PageHeader added back to PL5?

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    • SamRussell
      By SamRussell+
      My website is www.samrussell.co.uk
      As you can see on the front page, I have a button on the header that takes the user to the sales page (still under construction) for my latest record. The page that the button should take the user to is:
      The problem, is that when the user is on a blog post, for example:
      and clicks the header button, the button takes them to:
      which obviously gives a 404 error. 
      Why is it appending the destination url to the current page URL, rather than just taking the user to the destination URL?
    • dgsarnow
      By dgsarnow+
      I am using the PageHeader component, but the default is really tall. I have found where I can change the prescribed height for the section (172px). I would like to shrink this down to 100px, but that messes with the position of the text. Can anyone tell me how to reduce the size of this section and still keep the Page Title vertically centered?
      Thank you,
    • damaca
      By damaca
      I've been hunting around for documentation for PageHeader, but it seems that I just can't find it.
      All I want to show is the relevant category selected by the user, such as 'Showcase', with no additional garbage provided with the default configuration as shown in the attached image.
      How can this be achieved?
    • michaeldallas
      By michaeldallas
      When I add a PageHeader Section to my Page, it seems to have a native Parallax effect (i.e. webkit transition). I have tested it on several browsers and devices. It doesn't work very well on most. I have even had friends log on and tell me what they see. The effect basically "chops off" the heading text at random heights. It seems to work particularly badly on IOS devices (e.g. iPads). Other PageLines Sections have the ability to enable and disable webkit effects.
      How would I disable this effect?
      Here is the site: http://sitedevelopmen.wpengine.com/retirement-solutions-introduction/
      Again, the effect works fine on some devices, but lousy on many others. I want to turn this off please.