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I like how we can make different page templates like we could in DMS2 but you don't have control to set which page you want in the attributes area in wordpress.  I would like for my internal page template to be the default for all new pages that are created automatically except the blog page and blog posts.  Is there a way to do this?  I am asking because after I hand off a site to a client and they create new internal pages I would like them to have those pages automatically be an internal page template that I put together and saved in the builder instead of them needing to go into the front end and choose which template to apply to the the page.

Can someone guide me in how to do this if it is possible?

Please advise.

also because I build the main navigation pages/templates out but then many times I am migrating the internal page copy from other sites so it would be great to have them import into a template that I put together in builder instead of going back and assigning each page later in the front end.

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