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Disable Auto Animation on Quick Carousel and Quickslider

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Why is the auto animation on my quickslider not disabled? Why is it automatically animating? I have the option unchecked in settings but it continues to animate automatically. Answer? Webpage is: grantturck[dot]com/digital

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    • John Olsson
      By John Olsson+
      Hi, sometimes this happens, a footer image suddenly gets this animation on it, look at the video link here so you get what I talking 'bout.
      Can't recall that I've done something to make this happen..
    • swiftitnz
      By swiftitnz
      Hi Guys,
      I have been working on http://versiontwo.trustbasedrealestate.com/ for some time and use DMS2 (skeleton as child theme) for it. The primary domain (http://trustbasedrealestate.com/) is forwarded to the 'versiontwo' site with permanent forwarding + url masking. 

      The trouble I'm having is, when I load the site with http://versiontwo.trustbasedrealestate.com/ url, the site and all the contents( including the viewport animations) load fine. However, when I try to load the site with http://trustbasedrealestate.com/ url, the site doesn't load correctly.
      Please note:
      I'm not using any caching plugin I checked the URL forwarding and it's all ok Tried with 3 different browsers, even with cache/cookies emptied. Can anyone please suggest anything?
      Thanks in advance.
    • tjolin
      By tjolin+
      Hi all, 
      Anyone knows how to disable the transparency on the "translate on scroll" animation? 
      Been going crazy trying to edit this for the last couple of weeks. 
    • mccooluk
      By mccooluk
      Some of the built in animation effects on Pagelines can cause problems when using mobiles/iPads as they only kick in once the user stops scrolling, meaning it is possible to scroll past a section without seeing the content, for example, mediabox images that fadein.
      I would like to turn off/disable animations on mobiles/ipads. From another post I found the following:
      jQuery( document ).ready(function() {
        var width = jQuery(window).width()       
          if( width < 480 )
      Unfortunately this disables the mediabox image from loading at all. Is there a way to set it so that the pl-animation is disabled, but after the animations have taken place?
    • margie
      By margie
      iBlogPro6 vs 1.2
      WordPress vs 4
      I am using Popshot to display images.  I have a request to make the images fixed, i.e., so they don't "pop" up when you open the page.  How would I change this?
      Thanks so much and have a great day.