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hero section > FIREFOX incompatibility

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a Hero Section with image on right (standard setting) 

  • looks great in SAFARI (latest version)
  • looks great in CHROME  (latest version)
  • distructs in FIREFOX  (latest version)

see the images








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    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      BUG: Image padding in hero section
      why is there a padding (lett/right) to the image? 
      (padding/margin options are reset) see documentation
      (with image on the right)  
      This is a general inconsistancy
      throughtout some of the sections that suddenly EXTRA padding/margin shows up  ,Michael

    • hibbsy78
      By hibbsy78+
      First impressions are really good. I have my first test site (http://www.johnhibbs.me) up using FR and the latest platform version 5.0.24.
      An issue I have is the Hero Section within Elements doesn't look great on mobile.
      http://www.johnhibbs.me/daddy/ compared to similar Hero page in DMS http://www.viewfromadaddy.co.uk/rosco/
      The background image on this page also seems super-sized compared to the home page?

    • create180design
      By create180design
      I have looked into this question and have not found any relevant info on it. What I'd like to do is instead of using an image in my Hero graphic, I'd like to use a video.
      Example of what I'm trying to do is on my site:
      Inside the Wicker I have an image of what is supposed to be a video that I'd like to have play automatically. Currently, I have to have the user click on the watch video link and then to be taken to another page to see the video. This is ineffective. 
      Can you please advise as to what I can do to accomplish this?
      I don't like the features slider as I can't get it to span all the way across like the Wicker section. 
      Thanks for your help!