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bug / "full with" isn´t really "full width"

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I would like isolatedly make this post, since it ist obviously not recogniced in other posts.
"full with" isn´t really "full width"


  • in "Settings" > "Layout / Nav" > "Content With"
  • if setting is 100%
  • BUG: there is still some "Padding" to the right & left of the page

See image attached.
Your seem to handle this differntly depending on section (eg. Hero)


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Currently there is quite a inconsistency. 
The inconsistancy is in my opinion based in following areas

  • the bug described above
  • the fact, that Sections vs/and Content are handled differently in respect to 
    • content with
    • and it´s padding
    • and it´s Background handling
  • The current  setting of READ WIDTH
    • is not logical
    • should be sett-able (as a % of full with)


Suggested Solution (see attached IMAGE)

  • REMOVE padding  @  FULL-WIDTH
  • add setting for READ WIDTH > a "% of CONTENT WIDTH" (maybe in Settings)


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Comment edited.

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@Andrew, Commenting your Facebook request:  22. Januar um 10:42
Sorry for not responding so long, but  I´ve been stuck in projects. Let me give you my view, which comes down to some simple issue.


When in „Settings > Layout“ a "Content Width" is defined (eg. 80%)

  • I expect is "Content With" (eg. 80%) to be the most outside border of content
    • as a default in all section (0 +/- Pudding/margin, left/right)
  • with content I do mean
    • all section content (by default)
    • !!! I do not mean section Backgrounds !!!
  •  this would deliver a clean visual


TODAY issues I meant to "be not cleann"

  • content-width is displayed OK on DeskTop >>> but NOT on mobile!!!
  • Desktop & Mobile differ
  • Logo and Nav in Header & Footer >>> ignore borders (specifically)
  • some sections eg. Magazin >>> ignore "content with" totally
  • content/read with is another issue (inhomogenous (see above)


I´ve already posted for this issue (part of a possible) solution above in the image.
Hope I´ve the right perspektive and could contribute :)



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